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Fall 2019 Schedule

Registration for returning families will open Friday, August 9th at 7pm online. New families can register Saturday, August 10th @ 10am online. Classes start September 3rd and go until November 18th.  Click on “Create an Account Here” under the Fall Schedule to be ready for registration day. If you have any questions make sure to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you!


Lifting Up the Love of Arts

To us, Lifting up the Love of Arts is more than a catchphrase. It’s our whole world. We are a safe place for students to fall in love with their art and sport, develop their passions, and grow alongside their peers in the skills of their choosing. As we grow, we are committed to our founding values:

creating fun, uplifting, encouraging sessions for students to excel in expression

keeping costs low, to be of service to our local community

building a culture where character matters over talent

upholding a positive standard in music selection and performance wear

where students are mentored through thoughtful and prayerful teachers

a comprehensive curriculum which both builds and deepens over time

a noncompetitive exhibition season culminating in showcase opportunities


Meet Our Team

Cassandra Bair

Cassandra Bair

Director/ Teacher

Cassandra Bair is the Director Extraordinnaire of Blessed Feet Dance, as well as an instructor of many styles, including all levels of ballet and jazz.

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 She started training at five years old, and danced with several companies throughout her early years, including Set Apart Dance and the award winning Xcalibur Dance Team at Carlsbad High School. She graduated from the University of San Diego with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Minor in Leadership, ready to run the world. Miss Cassie started Blessed Feet Dance in 2008, driven by a love of the fact that dance can transcend culture. Ministering through the arts, whether by putting on a dance show where friends and family encounter the love of the father in a new way, or dancing on the streets of Brazil to tell a story of redemption, Cassie draws on her ultimate inspiration: Jesus! She has directed and choreographed the studio’s annual dance show utilizing her remarkable powers of organization and event coordination. Seeing her in action is like watching a tornado which, instead of ruining stuff, schedules, organizes, designs, directs, teaches, and generally makes things better wherever it goes. Miss Cassie can often be seen snuggling and/or instagramming her two beautiful daughters, searching for her keys, drinking her favorite beverage from Better Buzz coffee, or telling people they are awesome. 
Krisann Gentry

Krisann Gentry

Assistant Director/Theatre Arts Director/Teacher

Miss Krisann has been entertaining crowds with her original scripts and choreography for as long as she can remember,

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 beginning in backyard summer shows with her sister and cousin as her sometimes-willing castmates. She can recall being a small girl and watching Singing in the Rain, while crying, lamenting that such talent was “so rare in movies nowadays,” so it was natural for her to go into theatre arts, you see. She has trained in (and continues to study) many styles of dance, with extensive history in musical theater performance, swing dance, and ballet, and all aspects of live performance production, plus a little dipping into jazz, tap, and a short stint in roller disco that did not end well and she would prefer not to talk about, thanks. Miss Krisann has two daughters and a sweet son of her own, and loves to teach all ages. When she’s not in the studio, she can be found writing plays, coaching theatre competition groups, mentoring young authors, editing manuscripts, reading, enjoying travel with her family, or napping. 
Georgeania Burks

Georgeania Burks


If you’ve already been to a Blessed Feet Dance recital, you’re likely familiar with the excellence of the show-stopping tap dance numbers.

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The woman responsible for many of those is none other than Georgeania Burks, or “Miss George,” as we usually call her.  Her keen senses of choreography and creativity are always a big part of the process, welcomed and utilized over the months of it takes to prepare so many great performances.

George has a long history of the love of dance, beginning with her inspirational mother, who was also a dancer, and reaching into her many years of experience in competing, showcases, and productions in many genres–including being one of our director Cassandra’s early dance teachers! The family affair doesn’t stop there! Sometimes you can catch a cameo from George’s husband Chris (also a tap dancer), or one of their adorable two kids who also dance in the company from time to time.

Andrea Foreman

Andrea Foreman


Mrs. Drea first began dancing when she was a little girl at 6, and has never stopped learning and taking classes to this day!

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Over the years she has studied many disciplines, including cheer, gymnastics, jazz, lyrical, and tap, with classical ballet being her very favorite. But she doesn’t stop there! She also enjoys distance running and outdoor exploration adventures with her family. Mrs. Drea teachers all her students dance is awesome because it builds strength, confidence, friendships, and allows us to express the joy in our hearts! If you need a prime example of this, just watch the adorable Jolly Holiday penguin dance from Mary Poppins. It’s Mrs. Drea’s favorite! 

Ben Fogelstrom

Ben Fogelstrom


Benjamin Foglestrom fell off of a delivery truck as an infant, on a bumpy backroad in Madagascar, and as a result was raised by lemurs.

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It was these very same lemurs who taught him to breakdance, which is why he’s so good at it. Therefore he was the perfect candidate to teach all the breakdancing sessions at Blessed Feet Dance. Little known-fact: he consulted on the making of the film Madagascar because of his history there, and his favorite song is “I Like to Move-It Move-It.”Truthfully, Ben is an accomplished instructor who has been dancing for over fifteen years and teaching for nearly seven years. His styles include a focus in breakdancing, with a little pop-and-locking and krumping. He has also taken a few ballet and modern dance courses! Before gaining any training, he practiced wild and crazy spins, flips, and cartwheels, set to the tunes of Michael Jackson’s, “Thriller,” and “Bad,” as well as the Cocktail movie soundtrack… the one with Tom Cruise. Ben loves to travel and dance with mission trips, and has said that he believes the Bible tells us to dance so often because God himself dances over us, whether we express joy or sorrow, pain or laughter, or love and freedom – God moves with us and through us.Mister Ben spends roughly twelve hours per day grooming his mustache. It is the lemur way.

Victoria Rawleigh

Victoria Rawleigh


Miss Tori loves to spend her time in two unique but deeply interconnected ways: studying and practicing dance and fitness,

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as well as studying human behavior and the brain. She has been dancing the past fourteen years and continues to pursue her education in Clinical Neuropsychology while teaching and working out. You should ask her to flex sometime! Miss Tori loves pizza, her parents, dancing as a way to unwind, and her kitty, Rosie. 

Christa Grau

Christa Grau


Miss Christa began her career in fitness education more than three years ago, after enjoying various tumbling and dance classes in her own childhood.

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She is a wonder in flexibility–her many years of yoga training have helped her learn incredible poses and even develop a few of her own; watch for them making appearances in showstopping numbers! In her time not teaching at various studios, she loves being outdoors with her family and neatly folding fitted sheets with her magic technique.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Where is Blessed Feet Dance? A: We’re in San Marcos, CA at 292 E. Barham Dr. Our studio is located inside of Summit Church right across from Cal State San Marcos. Blessed Feet Dance entrance is to the far right. Go to bottom of page for directions.
  • Q: Where do I park? A: We have plenty of parking! If the front parking lot becomes full there is a large parking lot in the back labeled Summit Church Lot
  • Q: Is Blessed Feet Dance affiliated with Summit Church? A: Yes! Blessed Feet Dance is a ministry at Summit Church. Summit Church passionately believes in the power of the performing arts. Dance is used in church services, outreaches, mission trips, and recitals.
  • Q: How long has Blessed Feet Dance been around? A: Cassandra Bair started Blessed Feet Dance October of 2008.
  • Q: Do I have to go to Summit Church to take classes at Blessed Feet Dance? A: Nope! Anyone is welcome to take classes. We are here to be a blessing to the community.

  • Q: Can I stay in the studio to watch my child/children during class time? A: Parents are not allowed to stay in the studio or summit room during classes. We have a sitting area with 2 tv’s right outside our dance studio where you can watch your child/children. If you have other children with you they need to stay with you, they will not be allowed to run around.
  • Q: What does my child/children have to wear? A: Scroll up to the top of our website and where you see “View all offered classes Below” click on dance style to view what to wear. You can come in and try on ballet and tap shoes and place an order with us! Our company we work with is very affordable!
  • Q: How long are your semesters? A: We have 2 semesters in the year. We have a Fall Semester that starts right after Labor Day and goes until the week before Thanksgiving and we have a Spring Semester that starts middle of January and goes until end of June. We take a break for the holidays and summer. We do a summer dance camp during summer break as well.
  • Q: Do you put on an annual dance recital? A: Yes! Our annual dance show is usually at the end of June. All classes get to participate in the show. The way we do our shows are very affordable and fun! We offer an annual photo shoot a couple weeks before our show as well!



Monthly tuition is $48 a class. We offer a multiple class discount of $6, for each additional class for the same student add $42 a month. Tuition is calculated by counting the number of possible attendance weeks per semester, then averaging those weeks across the months of the semester; we do this to keep your monthly bill from bouncing around in size each time. We try to keep your payment process from being a huge headache, keeping things simple and consistent while of course paying our teachers fairly for their time. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


We offer an autopay service at no extra charge; all autopay accounts are charged on the first of each month. To enroll in autopay, login to your portal and click on “Autopay”. You can pay online each month through your portal, or enroll in auto billing (we use Stripe/Paypal as our site processor). You can also pay in person at the studio via cash or check, marked with your name and placed in the drop box. If writing a check, please make it out to Blessed Feet Studios.


A $10 registration fee will be charged per dancer, per semester. These fees will go toward website costs, and making Blessed Feet Dance the best place it can be!

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