Musical Theatre (6-9yrs)

This introduction to the traditions of musical theatre will include weekly practice of vocal warm-ups, facial expressions, stage directions, sing-along songs, and joining some light choreography and costumes to form full musical numbers.

StageCast Acting (9yrs+)

StageCast Acting will warm up each class with an improv game. Preparing the performers to take on challenges as they come is a hilarious and integral part of live shows! Throughout the semester, we will be practicing telling stories we already know (fables, children’s story books, and so on) but retelling them in our own words and with our own ideas. There will even be a few weeks we’ll practice making our own props! Later on in the year we’ll learn how to make/source costumes to create more in-depth productions. We will also be responsible for fully producing some skit stories in our annual recital! All throughout, key theatre concepts will be taught including being a good audience, reacting, listening, articulation, staging, taking and giving direction, graciously receiving feedback from adults and peers, and so much more!